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Nepean Triathlon

Castlereagh, NSW, 2749, Australia
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Enticer 1 - Swim Start/Finish
66 photos
Enticer 2 - Swim Finish
137 photos
Enticer 2 - Bike
98 photos
Enticer 3 - Bike
239 photos
Enticer 3 - Run
204 photos
Bike on course 4.00-4.40pm (mostly Enticer 1)
109 photos
Run on course 4.40-5.00pm (mixed Enticer 2 & 3)
78 photos
Bike on course 4.45-5.00pm (Mixed Enticer)
98 photos
Bike on course 5.00-515pm (mixed Enticer)
82 photos
Bike on course 5.15-5.30pm (mixed Enticers)
8 photos
Run on course 5.00-5.15pm (mixed Enticer)
42 photos
Run on course 5.15-5.30pm (mixed Enticers)
81 photos
Run on course 5.30-6.00pm (mixed Enticers)
68 photos
Swim Finish - Pro to 7:20am
110 photos
Swim Finish - 7:21am to 7:30am
123 photos
Swim Finish - 7:31am to 7:40am
227 photos
Swim Finish - 7:41am to 7:50am
164 photos
Swim Finish - 7:51am to End
75 photos
Run (Western end of lake) 8:17am - 8:30am
133 photos
Run (Western end of lake) 8:41am - 8:50am
195 photos
Run (Western end of lake) 8:31am - 8:40am
165 photos
Run (Western end of lake) 8:51am - 9:04am
130 photos
Finish 9:14am - 9:25am
112 photos
Finish 9:26am - 9:35am
137 photos
Finish 9:36am - 9:45am
91 photos
Finish 9:46am - 10:25am
143 photos
Finish 10:26am - End
32 photos
Bike Leg photos by Ian Moore
593 photos
Run Leg photos by Ian Moore up to 9.00am
581 photos
Bike on Course 7.15-7.30am (400m after transition)
62 photos
Bike on Course 7.30-7.45am (400m after transition)
181 photos
Bike on Course 7.45-7.55am (400m after transition)
151 photos
Bike on Course 7.55-8.05am (400m after transition)
84 photos
Bike on Course 8.05-8.15am (400m after transition)
18 photos
Run on course 8.08-8.30am (150m before Grandstand)
45 photos
Run on course 8.30-8.45am (150m before Grandstand)
54 photos
Run on course 8.45-9.00am (150m before Grandstand)
130 photos
Run on course 9.00-9.10am (150m before Grandstand)
186 photos
Run on course 9.10-9.20am (150m before Grandstand)
173 photos
Run on course 9.20-9.35am (150m before Grandstand)
168 photos
Run Leg photos by Ian Moore from 9.00am to finish
573 photos